Hunter Spotlight #1 - Richard Eddie Outdoors

Hunter Spotlight #1 - Richard Eddie Outdoors

At Treestand Brews, we care about the hunting community. We want to take a second to recognize those that have a deep passion for the outdoors. 

This week we are recognizing Richard Eddie.



We had a couple questions for Richard about what it means to him to be a hunter.

Q: What influenced you to be interested in hunting?

A: I was raised in a super small town of less than 25 people and bunch of lakes and woods around! Biggest influence was my grandfather he was a great influence and roll model! He was with me when I shot my first deer and will never forget that day!

Q: What is your favorite hunting season?

A: My favorite hunting season is Deer season to my growing up my family was huge Into it and what i loved the most was not only hunting or scout but setting other people up and seeing them get that doe or buck and see how happy they are when they’re holding it!

Q: What does being a conservationist mean to you?

A: Conservationist to me, means managing a stable population and watching the growth of the animal.

Q: What advice would you give to a first time hunter?

A: My advice would be you will never stop learning about the outdoors. Always something more to learn and use when targeting that big buck or that marsh for ducks. 

We appreciate Richard sharing his answers with us! If you are interested in being next week's Hunter Spotlight, let us know!




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