Hunter Spotlight #2 - Jake Cline

Hunter Spotlight #2 - Jake Cline

At Treestand Brews, we care about the hunting community. We want to take a second to recognize those that have a deep passion for the outdoors. 

This week we are recognizing Jake Cline.



We had a couple questions for Jake about what it means to him to be a hunter.

Q: What influenced you to be interested in hunting?

A: My father is certainly the influence iv had since I was 7 years old. 18 years late I am still learning from him.

Q: What is your favorite hunting season?

A: I enjoy predator hunting, I love hunting whitetail, but to me, there is nothing better than a cool spring morning chasing long beards. Turkey hunting would have to be my favorite.

Q:  What are your hunting traditions?

A: Each year on opening. Morning of whitetail, and turkey season, I meet my dad at his house for a cup of coffee and for 18 years, we have walked into the woods together on opening morning. That is our family hunting tradition.

Q: What advice would you give to a first time hunter?

A: My advice to first time hunters is to ask questions if there are any, know the animal he/she is targeting to get a better understanding of what game plan they need to go at them with, and most importantly, ENJOY THE OUTDOORS.

We appreciate Jake sharing his answers with us! If you are interested in being next week's Hunter Spotlight, let us know!




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